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What to Expect

Outstanding Patient Care

What to Expect

At Sound Vascular & Vein, you can expect outstanding patient care from highly skilled vascular specialists.  Our physicians are board certified in multiple vascular fields including vascular surgery, phlebology, and interventional nephrology.  We offer a unique outpatient setting for vascular procedures; you can expect warmth, privacy, and comfort from our dedicated staff.



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Sound Vascular & Vein offers several vein treatment options. You will be closely evaluated and a treatment plan that best meets your needs will be selected. Following a history and physical exam, a venous ultrasound performed by a Registered Vascular Technologist (RVT) is generally required to formulate an appropriate treatment plan. Often the treatment of varicose veins is medically indicated. Before treatment, we will check with your insurance plan, if the treatment needed is a covered benefit.

After treatment, you will schedule a follow up appointment.   At this visit, our providers may remove your compression wrap and perform an ultrasound exam.   

You should expect to wear your compression stocking following vein treatment usually for a total of 2 weeks following the procedure. In 4 weeks you will return to the office and if reqired, some follow up injections will be performed. If there are deeper veins involved, these will be treated with ultrasound guided injections.

After any procedure at Sound Vascular & Vein, you will be provided with specific after-care instructions and a follow up plan.