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How Can Sound Vascular Help Me?

April 17, 2017

There are a multitude of artery conditions that can affect your life. Whether the damage is simply aesthetic, or is putting you at risk for greater issues, vascular health should be taken seriously. Here at Sound Vascular, we are committed to helping you treat any potentially dangerous issues and maintain a healthy life.

So how exactly does the process work if you are concerned about the health of your veins? Great question. Find out the steps and treatment plans available to you below.

When a general practitioner suspects arterial or vein disease, the clinician may refer you to Sound Vascular for an ultrasound and consultation. Treatment options start with an angiogram, to determine the severity of the blockage in your arteries. If the surgeon thinks it is appropriate, he will treat the blockage with an atherectomy, stent, or an angioplasty.

Treatment options for arterial disease are minimally invasive and all provided at our conveniently located outpatient facility in Federal Way.

At Sound Vascular we offer several advanced treatment options for vein disease. The most common treatment option for varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency is Endovenous Thermal Ablation (EVTA). This is a minimally invasive, image-guided procedure. The treatment utilizes high-frequency radio waves that are directed throughout a thin tube to create intense heat within the varicose vein.   This closes the problematic vessel so blood cannot flow through it, redirecting blood flow into healthy veins.

Other treatment options we offer at Sound Vascular are sclerotherapy, to treat spider veins, and a phlebectomy, involving the complete removal of the diseased veins.

At Sound Vascular we can provide ultra sound, consult, diagnostic, and treatment services all in one location. This ensures prompt treatment for vein and artery disorders that worsen with time.

If you or your doctor thinks you have artery or vein disease, make an appointment with Sound Vascular & Vein. We are conveniently located at 32014 32nd Ave. S. in Federal Way, WA.

Make your appointment today by calling (253) 874-7107.

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